How to mine litecoin?

How do you mine litecoin?

Litecoin mining guide:

  • Buy a Litecoin mining contract
  • Monitor your Hash Rate versus LTC mined
  • Track your spend VS rewards received
  • Transfer the mined Litecoin to your secure wallet

Litecoin is a scrypt-based cryptocurrency that requires special computer hardware to be mined.

Where can I start Litecoin mining today?

We are currently using Genesis Mining for all our mining contract services.

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litecoin mining promo code

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Choose what level of investment and mining power you wish and start mining!

Litecoin Mining Rig

Check out this video on the Genesis Mining Bitcoin mining rig setup in Iceland, very cool!

They also offer services for mining of Bitcoin, Dash (X11), Ether, Zcash, Monero and other cryptocurrencies.

How much does Litecoin Mining Cost?

You will need to invest some serious capital to establish a worthwhile Litecoin mining rig.

Your costs may include:

  • hardware, equipment and shelving
  • electricity (you need to run your mining rig and full power, this consumes a lot of electricty)
  • top grade internet connection
  • Credit Card interest (assuming you may not have cash for the above

What is the Litecoin Mining Difficulty?

litecoin mining difficulty

Litecoin mining difficulty

The Litecoin mining difficulty tells you how difficult it is to find an Litecoin block for which you will be rewarded with LTC.

Here lies the problem with mining, it is really hard to recoup your mining rig hardware investment and running costs because the difficulty curve is so high!

Should I buy a Litecoin Mining Contract?

In conclusion, unless you have the equipment needed or the money to buy it plus the technical expertise to set it all up and monitor it,  your best choice would be to purchase Litecoin mining services from a mining company.

A couple of the Litecoin Mining service companies we have found are:

Litecoin Miner - Mine and Earn free Litecoin

Basically, you decide how much you want to spend or how much computing power (hash rate) you need with the current mining difficulty.

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