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The price of Litecoin Cryptocurrency in GBP, USD and EURO

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Litecoin Price GBP

What is the current Litecoin price?

Our site gives you the latest Litecoin price information on the LTC crypto-currency.

  • LTC live price updates in LTC to GBP, LTC to USD, LTC to EUR and LTC to BTC.
  • LTC trading volume for last 24 hours.
  • LTC coin market cap.

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What is the LTC to GBP price?

If you are from the UK, most likely you will have found that most crypto-currency price and chart sites are in Bitcoin or US Dollars only.

We provide live Litecoin price updates in British Pounds Sterling. You don’t need to search for a Litecoin to UK Pounds Price Calculator or Litecoin to GBP Price Convertor, just check our homepage daily.

What is a Litecoin?

Litecoin is a cryptocurrency with global popularity. Similar to Bitcoin.

Litecoin Exchange

Litecoin is listed on many cryptocurrency exchanges where you can trade Bitcoin (or fractions of a Bitcoin) for Litecoin. One of the highest trading volume sites is at HitBTC

How much is a Litecoin worth in GBP?

See our price table above to get the current Litecoin price in GBP.

In August 2017 Litecoin hit the news as the Litecoin price broke new ground by going above $60 per LTC, with a Litecoin Market Capital total value of over $3 Billion US Dollars.

litecoin chart

How to get Litecoin price in GBP

You may have found it quite difficult to find the Litecoin Price in GBP, so we built this site to make it easy!

Our site provides real time updates of the Litecoin price in UK pounds with our Litecoin to UK Pounds Price Calculator.

Our system consolidates market data from multiple exchanges to provide you with a Litecoin to GBP price.

Litecoin are typically not traded in UK pounds so exchange rates are calculated based on Bitcoin to US Dollar rates because of maximum liquidity.

How much is a Litecoin worth in GBP?

See our price table above to get the current Litecoin price.

The values are for 1 Litecoin in GBP.

What is a Litecoin Ticker?

A Litecoin ticker is a screen dedicated to providing the Litecoin price continuously updating, with few distractions.

Use our Litecoin Ticker to watch the LTC to GBP price trends.

What is Litecoin mining?

Litecoin mining is similar to how bitcoin mining in that with the use of specialised computer hardware, you can receive Litecoin as a reward for securing the Litecoin network and verifying transactions.

If you do not want to go to the trouble of setting up your own Litecoin mining rig, a popular alternative is to purchase a mining contract from a 3rd-party company.

Litecoin Mining

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Real time LTC to GBP Price

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