Litecoin Price prediction over $100

Will the Litecoin Price prediction for 2017 of over $100?

Will the Litecoin price go over $100 / £77 this week?

Litecoin Price prediction

Litecoin chart from Coinmarketcap

Crypto currencies had an exciting week with many new ATH (all time high) being recorded, Litecoin has hit over $90 / £70 and is approaching a market capitalisation of $5 billion.

I has been a long time coming that Litecoin hit a strong price surge as it has always seemed rather undervalued compared to the mighty Bitcoin which hit it’s own ATH this week of a shadow under $5,000 / £4,000 .

bitcoin price all time high

Bitcoin price all time high from Coinmarketcap

In our review of the price charts, it seems that whenever the Litecoin price hits $90, please switch from buying to selling causing a drop in the price to around $80 before it starts going back up.

At press time 2nd Septemeber 2017, the prices have since dropped back a little to $83 / £64 but who knows what the Litecoin price prediction should be over the next few weeks having gone from $60 / £46 to $90 / £70 in just a few days!


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